#1 Fashion through the eyes of a programmer

A few words about me…

Two years ago I’ve graduated the Fashion Design Course at „Tiberiu Brediceanu” School of Arts in Brasov and Ițve recently graduated a programming university. However, my passion will still be fashion design. A passion I can say that I have forgotten for the past two years, not because I wanted to, but being a full-time student, working and finding time for your own passions can be quite difficult sometimes.

As for the blog (and not only), I have a lot of plans that I can’t wait to put in practice and I would be really happy if you would join me in this journey. There are many surprises coming here, on Facebook, and on Instagram!

Fashion through the eyes of a programmer

This post is the first in a series of articles in which I will share with you some of my „adventures” trying to mix up together the life of a programmer with the one of someone who is passionate about fashion and design.

Fashion Design

My interests in creative hobbies started to appear in the general 8th grade of general school when I discovered the store „Galeria Creativ” in Brasov, a place where I still love to come back not only because I find all the materials I need, but and because it inspires me a lot. From here, I used to get everything I needed to create handmade jewelry and accessories. But I also enjoyed drawing and I still remember that one piece that I was the most proud of (which unfortunately I don’t have anymore): the princess Ariel, in A3 format, which was sticked on the wall near my bed.

My „journey” into the fashion world, however, started a little bit later when I joined the fashion design course. Here I met some wonderful teachers who taught me a lot of things and to whom I am extremely thankful. From idea to sketch, from sketch to croqui, from croqui to a real garment. That’s what I learned in the three years I went to the classes not just because I was supposed to, but because it was a refuge, a place where I could relax, forget everything and do what I liked to do.

At the end of these three wonderful years, I chose to present a white dress with silver sparkling applications, a design that I will definitely replicate in the future in some more colors.

Mazda Kodo

In 2016, ELLE magazine Romania together with Mazda organized a contest, „Mazda Kodo Urban Fit”, where the participants had to draw inspiration from the design of the new Mazda and translate the concept into clothing. I wanted to create pieces of clothing with a classic look, but with catchy details. So I signed up with the following designs with which helped me qualify into the final stage of the contest.

The photos I used when I joined the contest can still be seen on ELLE Romania’s website.

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